First aid in case of leaking hoses, to prevent major damage to the environment – or worse – to employees or third parties, while taking other emergency measures. The colour codes will immediately help you find the right size for hoses with an exterior diameter of 5 to 25 cm (1.9 to 9.8 inch)


Feature                                            Advantage

Flexible                                             Fits always

Impermeable                                   No accidental penetration

Replaceable absorption pad        Cost-conscious

Colour code                                     Clear choice of size

Velcro closure                                 Rugged, durable



Suitable for                 1,5 inch up to 3 inch Ø

Capacity                      0.9 L

Weight                          230 g



Suitable for                4 inch up to 5 inch Ø

Capacity                     0.9 L

Weight                          320 g



Suitable for                 6 inch up to 8 inch Ø

Capacity                      0.9 L

Weight                           450 g



Suitable for               10 inch Ø

Capacity                    0.9 L

Weight                         500 g


*Dimensions in cm, unless otherwise stated.

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