In Line Poly Spillpallet 3000 5102-YE

The ideal spillpallet to hold four 200 litre drums. Store them in-line near the wall, between columns, and in all those spaces you thought were unusable. An innovative way to help you manage your hazardous materials.


Feature                                                                           Advantage

Made of 100% UV stable polyethylene                   No corrosion

Removable PE grates                                                  Easy cleaning

Forkliftable from every side                                       Position is always right

Translucent                                                                   Possible leakage is visible

Extremely solid                                                             Can stand rough handling



Length  250

Width  64

Height  30

Weight  36 kg

Maximum load  1360 kg

Sump capacity  250 L


*Dimensions in cm, unless otherwise stated.

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