The solution for anyone who wants to do maintenance or park leaking equipment and machines, such as earth-moving machines, forklifts and the like in an environment-friendly manner. The geotextile top ensures the absorption of any leaks, while the underside, made of rugged reinforced polyethylene, if intact, prevents any soil pollution. Extremely easy and lightweight, this is a very cost-conscious alternative for remediation costs.


Feature                                            Advantage

Rugged                                            In the workplace and at the construction site

Various dimensions                      Universally usable

Light                                                Can go anywhere

Compact                                         Can go anywhere

3 mm thick                                      Rugged and highly absorptive



length                           455

Width                             122

Weight                          2.7 kg

Capacity                       23 L



length                          365

Width                           183

Weight                         2.7 kg

Capacity                     26 L



length                         305

Width                          244

Weight                        4 kg

Capacity                     30 L



length                         305

Width                          305

Weight                       4.5 kg

Capacity                      34 L


*Dimensions in cm, unless otherwise stated.

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