Wheeled Poly Overpack 95 1299-YE

The big brother of the Wheeled Poly Overpack 50 has also been developed initially as a spill kit container. With its large wheels and integrated handle, this overpack is extremely mobile and can be used right away. Its large capacity does make it a Ā«first aid in case of major emergenciesĀ» spill kit. Can also be used as a mobile overpack to clean up any damaged drums quickly and efficiently.


Feature                                                                                            Advantage

100% UV stable polyethylene                                                    Does not rust or corrode

High chemical resistance                                                             Suitable for almost every application

Scre lid                                                                                             Easy and secure closing

Gasket in lid                                                                                    Closure is 100% sealed

Large top diameter                                                                       Facilitates loading

Nestable                                                                                          Takes up little space when empty

Meets UN regulations                                                                  Suitable for all kinds of substances

Large wheels                                                                                  Very ergonomical



                                                        Exterior                                       Interior

Top dia                                                  91                                              69

Bottom dia                                           81                                              64

Height                                                  119                                             94

Weight                                                25 kg

Capacity                                            360 L

Maximum load                                  113 kg

Regulations                                UN 1H2/X113/S

                                                   * When used as UN certified overpack

*Dimensions in cm, unless otherwise stated.

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