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Poly DOLLY 5300-YE

The ultimate solution for anyone who not only wants to transport a 200-litre drum, but also wants to tap in a very safe manner. The extremely ergonomic design minimises the strain on one's back, in case of normal use. Its unparallelled ease of use and the ample storage capacity make this solution the absolute reference.


Feature                                                        Advantage

100% UV stable polyethylene                Does not rust or corrode

Forkliftable                                                  Suitable for large companies too

Handtruck                                                    1 man without tools

2 large wheels                                             Let you move around freely

Dispenser                                                     Ideal dispensing station

80 cm wide                                                  Easily rolls through doorways

With wheel brakes                                       For securing position

etc.                                                                  Too much to mention



Height                     183

Width                        81

Depth                       69

Maximul load      272,5 kg

Sump capacity      303 L

Weight                    44 kg


*Dimensions in cm, unless otherwise stated.

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