The first drum funnel which fits on both open head drums as well as closed head drums with a bung. The scalloped design allows the drainage of recipients. The 2 inch diameter spout ensures that viscous fluids can also be drained without any problem. The built-in bung holders and walls are also unique characteristics. When using the optional lid (Item 3040-YE), it is even more polyvalent.


Feature                                                                                            Advantage

100% UV stable polyethylene                                                    Does not corrode

Large diameter                                                                               Drums stays clean

High side walls                                                                                Reduces splash

Bung holder                                                                                     No more bung improvisation

Scalloped design                                                                            Natural drainage of recipients

Hinged lid                                                                                         Also outside, and safe


3004-YE Universal Poly-Drum Funnel

Outer diameter    66

Inner diameter     56

Outer height          14

Inner height           10

Weight                 1.4 kg


3040-YE Universal Poly-Drum Funnel Cover

Outer diameter    66

Inner diameter     56

Weight                  1.4 kg


*Dimensions in cm, unless otherwise stated.

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