Poly SpillPAD 5600-YE

Flexible, rugged and space-saving, the pads are perfect to protect your workfloor against damage or pollution by extremely polluted waste. Its light weight and foldability offer additional advantages.


Feature                                         Advantage

Foldable                                        Occupies little space when not in use

Exterior in vinyl                           Rugged

Interior in polyethylene             Resistant

Only 6 cm high                            Does not stand in the way



length                 79

Width                 79

Weight                6 kg

Capacity          7.5 L



length                80

Width                137

Weight              9.5 kg

Capacity          28.5 L



length                 141

Width                 139

Weight               12 kg

Capacity           45 L


*Dimensions in cm, unless otherwise stated.

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