Poly tank Containment Unit 5275-BK

Because the polluter pays and because preventing costs less than cleaning up afterwards, Enpac always comes up with new solutions for all branches of industry. The optimum solution for users of the typical oval tanks. The oil tanks often used at construction sites are a perfect match. Their extra large volume and very limited own weight make these units the ideal solution for construction companies which frequently move oil tanks from one construction site to another and which are responsible for the subsoil quality. You can thus avoid fines and much more expensive remediation. With their large inner space they provide enough room for related equipment such as hoses and pumps.


Feature                                                                                       Advantage

100% polyethylene                                                                  Does not rust or corrode

Seamless                                                                                    Does not leak

Large                                                                                           An occasional spill is no problem

Nestable                                                                                     Saves space

Universal                                                                                     For farmers, horticulturists and industrials


5275-BK POLY TANK 275

                                                        Boven                                               Bodem

Length                                             209                                                    168

Width                                                 114                                                     74

Height                                                91

Weight                                              41 kg

Capacity                                        1040 L


5550-BK POLY TANK 550

                                                        Boven                                               Bodem

Length                                             260                                                    225

Weight                                              170                                                     116

Height                                               66

Weight                                              50 kg

Capacity                                         2000 L


*Dimensions in cm, unless otherwise stated.

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