QVAC 100 1700-BK

The high-performance compressed air-operated vacuum cleaner for liquids. If you need to pump liquids from a tank into a drum, wherever you may be, or want to remove spilled liquid from the floor directly into a waste drum, the Qvac 100 is the answer. Its main assets: it is quick, powerful and quiet, and requires virtually no maintenance. Because it is connected to a metal drum, used or otherwise, pumping from the Qvac to another container is no longer necessary. The absence of moving parts makes it virtually maintenance free.


Feature                                              Advantage

No moving parts                              Low-maintenance low running cost

Low noise level                                 Virtually no maintenance.

Shuts off automatically                 Operator-friendly

Very powerful suction                    Safe

Straight into the drum                   Not much post-drying is needed

Turns off automatically                 No pumping fuss



Necessary air flow and power for an optimum operation:

Compressed air flow rate at 6 bar  1.7 m³/h

Compressed air pressure                  2 to 6 bar

Noise level                                           80dB(A)

Min compressor power                     7.5 kW

Venturi connection                            ¾ inch

Suction hose connection                  2 inch


*Dimensions in cm, unless otherwise stated.

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