Products should be suitable for prolonged or repeated contact with these substances, under the conditions specified.



These substances may adversely affect the polyethylene.ENPAC products may be suitable for intermittent contact, however, some deterioration in properties may occur. The use should perform qualification tests before or during usage of the container.


These substances aggressively attack polyethylene or have vapor pressures incompatible with closed containers. Do not use polyethylene containers in these applications.

Acetaldehyde (40%) L

Acetaldehyde (40%) L

Acetamide L

Acetic Acid (50%) L

Acetic Acid Anhydride S

Acetic Ether S

Acetone L

Acetylene Tetrabromide S

Acrylic Emulsions S

Acrylonitrile L

Adipic Acid L

Aliphatic Hydrocarbons (Hexane, Octane, Hexene, Octane, Etc.) L

Allyl Alcohol (96%) L

Alum (Aqueous Solutions) L

Aluminum Chloride (20%) L

Aluminum Fluoride L

Aluminum Hydrogen Solution (10%) L

Aluminum Hydroxide L


 Barium Salts L

 Barium Carbonate L

 Barium Chloride L

 Barium Cyanide L

 8arium Hydroxide L

 Barium Nitrate L

 Barium Sulfate L

 8arium Sulfide L

 Battery Fluid Acid S

 Beef Tallow Emulsion, Sulfonated L

 Beer L

 Benzaldehyde L

 Benzene L

 Calcium Carbonate L

 Calcium Chloride L

 Calcium Hydroxide L

 Calcium Hypochlorite L

 Calcium Nitrate (50%) L

 Calcium Sulfate L

 Camphor Oil N

 Carbon Disulfide N

 Carbonic Acid (Aq.CO2) L

 Carbon Monoxide L

 Carbon Tetrachloride N

 Castor Oil Conc. L

 Caustic [Aqueous) L

 Caustic Potash Sol. (50%) L

 Caustic Soda Sol, (10%), L

 Detergents, General L

 Developer, Photographic L

 Dextrin Sat'd L

 Dextrose Sat'd L

 Dibutyl Ether N

 Dibutylphthalate S

 Dibutyl Sebacate S

 Dichloroacetic Acid S

 Dichloroacetic Acid, Methyl Ester S


 Electrolyte L

 Emulsions, Photographic L

 Ethanol L

 Ether N

 Ethyl Acetate (100%) S

 Fatty Acids L

 Fatty Alcohol Sulfonate L

 Ferric Salts L

 Ferric Sulfate L

 Ferrous Salts L

 Ferrous Sulfate L

 Gallic Acid Sat'd L

 Gasoline L

 Gasohol L

 Gelatine L

 Heptane L

 Hexane L

 Hexanol Tert L

 Hydrazine Hydrate L

 Hydrosulfite (10%) L

 Hydroxylamine Sulfate L

 Hydrozine (35%) L



 Inks L

 Iodine (Alc. Sol.) Conc. L

 Iron Salts L


 Jetfuel S

Kerosene S

 Lactic Acid (All Conc.) L

 Lanolin L

 Latex L


 Magnesium Salts L

 Magnesium Carbonate L

 Magnesium Hydroxide L

 Magnesium Nitrate L

 Magnesium Oxide L

 Magnesium Sulfate L

 Maleic Acid L

 Malic Acid (1%) L

 Mercuric Salts L


 Naptha S

 Napthalene S

 Nickel Salts L


 Octyl Cresol L

 Oils and Fats L

 Oleic Acid (All Conc.) L



 Palmitic Acid N

 Palm Oil S

 Paraffin Emulsions L

 Paraffin Oil L

 Perchloric Acid (50%) L

 Perchloroethylene N

 Petroleum L

 Petroleum Ether S

 Phenol (10%) S

 Phenylhydrazine N

 Phosphoric Acid All Conc L

 Phosphorous Chlorides S

 Phosphorous Yellow (100%) L

 Phosphorous Pentoxide L

 Photographic Solutions L

 Phthalic Acid (All Conc.) L

 Phthalic Anhydride L


 Rayon Coagulation Salts, L

 Rust Inhibitors L

 Sea Water, L

 Selenic Acid L

 Sewage L

 Shortening L

 Silicic Acid L

 Silicone Oil L

 Silver Salts L

 Silver Nitrate L

 Soda Solution (All Conc. ) L

 Soda Ash L

 Sodium Salts L

 Sodium Acetate Sat'd L

 Sodium Acrylates L

 Sodium Benzoate L

 Sodium Bicarbonate, L

 Sodium Bisulfate (10%) L

 Sodium Bisulfite L

 Sodium Bromate L



 Tallow L

 Tannic Acid L

 Tanning Extracts L

 Tartaric Acid Sat'd L

 Tetrachloroethane L

 Tetrachloroethylene N

 Tetraethyl Lead L

 Tetrahydrofuran N

 Tetrahydronapthalene N

 Urea L

 Vegetable Oil L

 Wax Alcohol N

 Wetting Agents L

 Xylene N

 Yeast L

 Zinc Salts L

Ammonium Thiocyanate Sat'd L

Amyl Acetate L

Amyl Alcohol (100%)L

Amyl Chloride N

Aniline (100%) S

Aniline Hydrochloride S

Animal Fats L

Anti-Freeze L

Antimony Salts L

Antimony Trichloride 90% L

Aqua Regia N

Aqueous Salt Solutions (NaCl) L

Aqueous Alkalies (NaOH) L

Arsenic Acid L

Arsenic Salts L

Bromoform N

 Butadiene L

 Butane L

 Butanediol (100%) L

 Butanol L

 Butyl Acetate L

 Butyl Alcohol (100%) L

 Butylene N

 Butylene Glycol L

 Butylene, Liquid N

 Butyl Phenol N

 8utyric Acid

 Compressed Air Conditioning Oil L

 Copper Salts L

 Copper Cyanide L

 Copper Nitrate (50%) L

 Copper Sulfate L

 Camphor Oil N

 Cottonseed Oil L

 Cresol (90%) L

 Cresylic Acid L

 Crotonic Aldehyde L

 Cuprous Chloride Sat'd L

 Cyclohexane L

 Cyclohexanol L

 Cyclohexanone S

Diglycolic Acid (30%) L

 Di-Isobutyl Ketone S

 Dimethylamine S

 Dimethyl Formamide S

 Dinonyl Phthalate N

 Dioctyl Phthalate N

 Dioxane L

 Diphenyl Oxide N

Ethylene Chlorohydrin L

 Ethylene Diamine L

 Ethylene Dichloride N

 Ethylene Glycol L

 Ethylene Oxide N

 Formic Acid (All Conc.) L

 Fruit Pulp L

 Fuel Oil L

 Furfural (100%) L

 Furfuryl Alcohol N

 Glycol L

 Glycol Ethers L

 Glyocolic Acid (All Conc.) L

 Grape Sugar Sat'd Aq. L

 Hydrogen Bromide (10%) L

 Hydrogen Peroxide (90%) L

 Hydrogen Phosphide 100% L

 Hydroquinone L

 Hydrogen Sulfide L

 Hypochlorous Acid L

 Isopropyl Alcohol L

 Isopropyl Ether N



 Linseed Oil L

 Lithium Salts L

 Lube Oil L

 Methyl Isopropyl Ketone S

 Methyl Sulfate L

 Methyl Sulfuric Acid (All Conc.) L

 Milk L

 Mineral Oils L

 Molasses L

 Monochloroacetic Acid Ethyl Ester L

 Monochloroacetic Acid Methyl Ester

 Nitrobenzene S

 Nitrotoluene S

 Orange Extract L

 Oxalic Acid (All Conc.) L

 Potassium Nitrate Sat'd L

 Potassium Perborate Sat'd L

 Potassium Perchlorate L

 Potassium Permanganate L

 Potassium Persufate Sat'd L

 Potassium Phosphates L

 Potassium Sulfate, L

 Propanol L

 Propargyl Alcohol (7 L

 Propionic Acid (50") L

 Propyl Alcohol L

 Propylene Dichloride (100." ) L

 Propylene Glycol L

 Propylene Oxide L

 Pyridine S


 Sodium Phosphate L

 Sodium Silicate L

 Sodium Sulfide L

 Sodium Sulfide L

 Sodium Sulfite L

 Sodium Sulfonates L

 Sodium Thiosulfate L

 Spindle Oil L

 Stannic Salts L

 Stannous Salts L

 Starch Solution Sat'd L

 Stearic Acid (All Conc.) L

 Succinic Acid L

 Sugar Solutions, Glucose, Lactose, Sucrose, Etc. L

 Sulfur L

 Sulfuric Acid (98%) S

 Sulfuric Acid, Fuming N

 Sulfurous Acid L

 Sulfuryl Chloride N

 Trichloroethylene, N

 Tricresyl Phosphate L

 Triethanolamine L

 Trioctyl Phosphate N

 Trisodium Phosphate Sat'd L

 Trichloroethylene N

 Turpentine Oil N


  Vanilla Extract L

   Wine L




Alums (All Types) L

Ammonia (Anhydrous) L

Ammonia (Aqueous) L

Ammonia (100% Dry Gas) L

Ammonium Salts L

Ammonium Acetate L

Ammonium Biflouride L

Ammonium Carbonate 50% L

Ammonium Chloride L

Ammonium Hydrogen Fluoride (50%) L

Ammonium Hydroxide L

Ammonium Metaphosphate Sat'd L

Ammonium Nitrate (10%) L

Ammonium Nitrate Sat'd L

Ammonium Persulfate Sat'd L

Ammonium Phosphate L

Ammonium Sulfate (10%) L

Ammonium Sulfate Sat'd L

Ammonium sulfide Sat'd L


 Benzene Sulfonic Acid S

 Benzoic Acid L

 Benzyl Alcohol L

 Benzyl Chloroformate L

 Bismuth Salts L

 Bleach Lye (10%) S

 Black Liquor L

 Borax Cold Sat'd L

 Boric Acid Dilute L

 Boric Acid Conc. L

 Bromine, Liquid N

 Bromine, Water N

 Bromobenzene N

 Chloral Hydrate L

 Chloroethanol L

 Chloric Acid (10%) L

 Chloroacetic Acid L

 Chlorobenzene L

 Chloroform N

 Chloromethane N

 Chlorosulfonic Acid 100% N

 Chrome Alum Sat'd L

 Chromic Acid (50%) S

 Cider L

 Citric Acid (All Conc.) L

 Clorox Bleach L

 Coconut Oil Alcohols L

 Cola Concentrates L


 Dichlorobenzene, Liquid N

 Dichloroethylene N

 Diesel Fuel S

 Diesel Oil S

 Diethyl Carbonate L

 Disodium Phosphate L

 Diazo Salts L

 Diethylene Glycol L

 Dithanolamine S


 Ethyl Alcohol L

 Ethyl Butyrate S

 Ethyl Chloride N

 Ethyl Ether N

 Ethylene Chloride N

 Fertilizer Salts L

 Fish Solubles L

 Fluoboric Acid L

 Fluosilicic Acid (All Conc.) L

 Formaldehyde (40%) L

 Formamide L

 Gin L

 Gluconic Acid (All Conc.) L

 Glucose L

 Glycerine L

 Hydrazine Hydrochloride L

 Hydroiodic Acid (All Conc.) L

 Hydrobromic Acid (50%) L

 Hydrocyanic Acid Sat'd L

 Hydrochloric Acid (All Conc.) L

 Hydrofluoric Acid (All Conc.) L

 Hydrofluorisilicic Acid (All Conc.), L

 Iso-Octane S

 Isopropyl Acetate L



 Lead Salts L

 Lead Acetate Sat'd L

 Lime L


 Mercurous Salts L

 Mercury L

 Methyl Alcohol (100%) L

 Methyl Amine (32%) L

 Methyl Bromide N

 Methyl Chloride N

 Methylene Chloride N

 Methyl Ethyl Ketone S

 Methyl Isobutyl Ketone S

 Nicotine, Dilute L

 Nicotinic Acid L

 Nitric Acid <50% L

 Oleum Conc N

 Olive Oil L


 Pickling Baths, Sulfuric Acid, Hydrochloric Acid L

 Picric Acid (1%) L

 Plating Solutions L

 Potash L

 Potassium/Aluminum Sulfates (50%) L

 Potassium Bichromate L

 Potassium Borate (10%) L

 Potassium Bromide L

 Potassium Chlorate L

 Potassium Chloride L

 Potassium Chromate L

 Potassium Cyanide L

 Potassium Dichromate 40% L

 Potassium Ferri/ Ferro Cyanide Sat'd L

 Potassium Fluoride L

 Potassium Hydroxide L

 Potassium Iodide L


 Sodium Bromide L

 Sodium Bromide Dilute Sol. L

 Sodium Carbonate L

 Sodium Chlorate L

 Sodium Chloride L

 Sodium Chlorite L

 Sodium Chromate L

 Sodium Disulfite L

 Sodium Dithionite (10%) L

 Sodium Ferricyanide L

 Sodium Ferrocyanide Sat'd L

 Sodium Fluoride Sat'd L

 Sodium Hydroxide Conc. L

 Sodium Hypochlorite L

 Sodium Iodide L

 Sodium Nitrate L

 Sodium Oxalate L

 Sodium Persulfate L


 Thionyl Chloride N

 Tin Salts L

 Titanium Salts S

 Toluene S

 Toluene Sulfonic Acid (All Conc. ) S

 Transformer Oil L

 Tributylphosphate L

 Trichloroacetic Acid S

 Trichloroethane N

Urine L

 Vinegar L

  Whisky L

  White Acid (75%) L



 Zinc Sulfate L


























Polyethylene Chemical Compatibility Guide

Used in determining the compatibility of our polyethylene products with the chemicals you work with.

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