A spill kit is an all-in-one package to handle any leaks, large or small, in a responsible manner. If placed in strategic locations throughout the company, spill kits can be used as a first-line intervention tool in case of any accidents with harmful consequences.


Feature                                              Advantage

Conspicuous packaging                  You can rest assured

Various sizes                                      No loss of time

All in 1                                                 Suited to the situation

Not much waste                               Always ready

Selective                                             Low cost


FAST PACK 1300-YE Universal

FAST PACK 1302-YE Oil-only

This is a series of handy, portable spill kits. Thanks to their special nylon carrier bags with large-size zippers, they are excellently suited to take along in vehicles or keep ready at fuelling stations.

Contents         10 pads ADSORBS max. 18 L

NA              2 socks 1.2 m x 10 cm

NA              1 disposal bag with ties


SPEEDY DUFFEL 1310-YE Universal

SPEEDY DUFFEL 1312-YE Oil-only

Its portability and readiness are the key assets here. They also feature the well-known large handles and the same top-quality carrier bags – albeit somewhat larger.

Contents         12 Pads ADSORBS max. 36 L

NA              2 socks 3 m x 7.5 cm

NA              3 socks 1.2 m x 10 cm

NA              200 g of Stardust

NA              10 disposal bags with ties


STARDUST 1310-YE-SD universal


Contents         2 socks 3 m x 7.5 cm Adsorbs max 36L

NA              2 socks 1.2 m x 10 cm

NA              2.5 kg of Stardust with dispenser

NA              Hard brush with telescopic handle

NA              Dustpan

NA             10 disposal bags with ties


 *Dimensions in cm, unless otherwise stated.

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