The one and only. Seeing is believing. They are the only stackable, nestable, forkliftable, water resistant totes on the market. These units are available in two sizes: large and extra large.


Feature                                                  Advantage

100% UV stable polyethylene          Does not rust or corrode

One-piece construction                      No leaking seams

Nestable                                                Takes up little space

Optional wheels                                    Effortless handling



length                     114

Width                      90

Height                     77

Weight                   22 kg

Capacity                 465 L

Maximum load      227 kg



length                     131

Width                     120

Height                    82

Weight                   35 kg

Capacity               843 L

Maximum load     227 kg

*Dimensions in cm, unless otherwise stated.


Furthermore, a 4” wheel set or 8” wheel set is available for each tote type.In addition, each tote has its own lid, fitted with 2 handles.


Stuknummers           Benaming

1510-YE                     Large combination with 4” plastic wheels.

1511-YE                      Large combination with  8” pneumatic wheels.

1530-YE                    Extra Large combination with  4” plastic wheels.

1531-YE                     Extra Large combination with 8” pneumatic wheels.

 A combination comprises: tote, cover and 4” or 8” wheel set. The wheel sets are separately available under the following numbers: 1515-BK for 4” and 1535-BK for 8” wheel set..

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